The Question Of Escape

ImageSo many activists, anarchists and counter-cultural types resort to escapist tendencies. Moving to the woods, buying land or traveling often come to mind, but when facing the problem of civilization, there is no escape. There is no territory, landbase, or commune to run to. As a solution, the consideration of these options assumes that such existences can survive or even enmesh themselves alongside a culture built upon runaway growth and the systematic control of all life. Alternatively, political and cultural reform lead to yet more efficient states and systems of control. Contentedness gets conflated with liberation as every food co-op, non-profit organization, or piece of welfare legislation diverts our despair and paralyzes us into inaction. Civilization absorbs every unique creation, commodifies every being, and feeds upon them, reaching every corner of the globe. Every being, human and nonhuman, who stands as a barrier to the State must either be recuperated or destroyed, as the history of colonialism cogently reveals.

One line of action for the revolutionary, or anarchist, who engages in these forms of living, is to position their travels, land projects, communes, or what have you, in tension with this system of domination. In this tension lies the inherent difference between common escapists and those unwilling to succumb to the might of overwhelming power. To begin, one must acknowledge that the desire to live a life outside of the logic of control necessitates the nonexistence, and thus the active elimination, of all current systems and infrastructure that enforce that logic. These systems are not hard to find, considering they characterize every aspect and function of industrial society.

That’s also one of the reasons this culture must kill all non-civilized peoples, both human and nonhuman: in order to preclude the possibility of our escape.

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